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Health Conscious Catering

that proves healthy food should never have to look or taste like 'health food'


Common Requests

Dairy Free

Gluten Free

Allergen Free

No Added Sugar


Plant Based



Impress your guests with healthy food they will actually want to eat!

We specialize in creating vibrant and flavorful dishes that never leave you feeling like you've made a sacrifice for your health!

With our nutrition minded menus, we can provide you and your guests with a unique culinary experience that has been designed to fuel the fun at your event and leave everyone feeling fabulous at the end of our service.

While we are available for smaller engagements like dinner parties and meal prep, we especially love being able to bring an element of wellness to larger events and more formal affairs that are notorious for leaving you feeling less than your best the next day. 

Whatever the occasion or vision that you have in mind, we can create a customized menu that caters to all of your party's dietary needs and preferences - without alienating the 'regular' diet guests!

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