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Suddenly Simple

Suddenly Simple is a unique private chef style catering company located south of Boston in Scituate, MA.​Our team is led by hands-on Owner and Executive Chef, Melissa Peralta, who brings her passion for wellness into the health conscious (but more importantly, delicious!) dishes that she creates.​


Melissa not only creates each dish, but also hand selects all of her ingredients to ensure an unapparelled level of freshness and quality in everything served by Suddenly Simple.  


In addition to our signature private chef style catering service, we also offer flexible personal chef services, as well as in-house bartending and service staff.​


With our bespoke booking process, flexible offerings and Melissa's personal attention each job, it is always our goal to provide a individualized, nourishing and enjoyable experience for each of our discerning clients.


Let us take the stress out of hosting!

With our concierge booking process, bespoke personal chef service and unique private chef style catering options, Suddenly Simple offers the luxurious experience of having your own household staff on call!

After working with you to determine your menu selections, service options, and other event needs that we may be able to assist with (rentals, entertainment, etc.) Melissa will send over a bespoke proposal that provides the cost of your requests in a transparent line item format for you to easily review via email.

Once you've had a chance to review and approve your proposal (after revision, if needed), you'll be able to easily complete the booking process and make payment online through our secure client portal.

On the day of your service, your staff will arrive a few hours before service time to transform the raw ingredients into freshly prepared menu items right before your eyes!

While we are always happy to create menus that cater to any requests, we have become especially known for our health conscious and allergen friendly menus, and love the opportunity to showcase local vendors with our farm-to-table offerings.


Meet, Melissa!

Suddenly Simple was founded in 2016 by Boston-area wellness chef, Melissa Peralta, who currently serves as Executive Chef and CEO of Suddenly Simple Catering.

With a passion for creating vibrant dishes with whole, healthy ingredients, Melissa is on a mission to prove that healthy food should never have to look or taste like "health food" with her ever evolving repertoire of healthy, but delicious dishes. Melissa also 
particularly loves to work with local farms and artisan vendors that share her passion for minimal processing and letting the high quality of their ingredients shine!

Melissa began cooking at very young age, taking her earliest instruction from the seasoned home-chefs in her traditional Italian family, where she developed her love of working with high quality, whole ingredients. As soon she was able to work outside of her family's kitchen, Melissa immediately found herself learning from the professional chefs that took her under their wing during her 10+ year stint in the restaurant industry.

After a four year stint in the corporate world and less than two years from the time she chose to pursue her dream of becoming a full time entrepreneur, Melissa found herself the proud owner of a full service catering company with a unique personal chef style twist, what is now known as Suddenly Simple!

When Melissa isn't working with Suddenly Simple, you can find her hosting her health conscious, cable-access cooking show, Mood Food With Melissa, making her monthly community lunch at the Cohasset Senior Center on the second Tuesday of each month, or working on one of the many other community service initiatives that she is a part of.

In the past, Melissa has also hosted a number of pop-up public dining events, including her signature farm-to-table dinners and wellness retreats, and still loves to be involved as the chef for these types of events when hosted by others!
Currently Melissa is no longer hosting public dining events and can only be booked for chef services via Suddenly Simple. Although, you may still find her popping up for a rare public offering or promotional event from time to time!

Follow @melissamakesitsimple on Instagram or view our event feed for updates on where she may be popping up next.

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